Providence insurance

Published on 11/07/19

Do you know which risks are covered by providence insurance?

If you want to know more about providence insurance, click here !

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Oney Insurance takes part in The Grid 2018 with a strong team

In 2017, 5 warriors had decided to take part as a team in the Grid. But… they did not stop there, and the team decided to go for a greater challenge: 24 obstacles, 15 km to run, in the first days of Summer.


Hear ye, hear ye… Notice: our second Insurance Lab Community workshop took place

In Spring, insurance and digital representatives from France, Spain, Portugal joined Oney Insurance team to participate in brainstorming work groups on digitalisation, and more specifically on the development of a digital customer journey, that would meet the clients’ needs.


Oney Insurance goes into electric bikes, electric scooters and hoverboards

End of March, we launched a new type of product in France: an affinity insurance for electric bikes, electric scooters and hoverboards. It covers the equipment, bought online or in stores, in case of material damage and theft, for one year.


A new affinity insurance in Spain, and for one of the biggest Apple resellers!!

At Oney Insurance, April kicked off with the launch of a new insurance program. It covers material damage, oxidation and theft for iPhones and can be purchased in all K-TUIN stores, one of the largest resellers of Apple devices in Spain.


“Get to know each other” games and trekking for Oney Insurance team

At Oney Insurance, we focus on building a team with a collaborative spirit to develop further our company. To do so, we regularly organise teambuilding days, where we discuss, share ideas and decide together on actions to improve the quality of the firm.


Our team faces the cold to raise awareness for ALS Malta

Last month, our warriors decided to jump in the cold water to show their solidarity to ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and MND (motor neurone disease) sufferers in Malta. Together with ALS Malta, Oney Insurance organised this charity event to raise awareness and support to this association. The “A Dip in the Sea in aid of … Continue reading “Our team faces the cold to raise awareness for ALS Malta”


Pirates, Indians, Cats, Dogs, Hippies, Boat Captains, Cowboys and more invaded our offices

Today, our office is taken over by strange creatures… A meeting of diverse cultures, civilisations and eras… a time and space breach is opened!
Yes, we organised a disguised event for Carnival and our collaborators came to the office wearing their nicest costume.


Oney Insurance in 2018: a year of (culinary) top performances

For a good start in 2018, there is nothing better than gathering for a lunch in the open air (another advantage of Malta) … Thus, we organised our first international lunch in a traditional farmhouse. In 2017, our team grew, and its diversity too! We seized the occasion to discover various gastronomies, with our collaborators and their families.


At the conquest: Launch at “People’s Phone” in Portugal

In partnership with People’s Phone and SPB IBERICA, Oney Insurance launched a new program in Portugal, in less than a month. The two products are sold in all People’s Phone shops and the clients can choose between two options.


Green insurance products

With our products Jumbo in Portugal and Alcampo in Spain, we launched our insurances covering nomadic devices against breakage and theft, when the device is broken, we prefer to fix it. When it was stolen or can’t be repaired, a repackaged device is given, as a priority, to the insured person.

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