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We crossed the ocean and launched our first affinity insurance in La Réunion and Mayotte

Published on 20/06/18

Last month, Oney Insurance started a new adventure in faraway countries… Since May 2018, we insure mobile phones for Only clients in La Réunion and Mayotte.

The insurance ZenProtect, is available in stores and it covers in case of material damage, oxidation and theft.

This new journey was made possible thanks to SPB (see here), European broker, leader in affinity insurances.


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Oney Insurance takes part in The Grid 2018 with a strong team

In 2017, 5 warriors had decided to take part as a team in the Grid. But… they did not stop there, and the team decided to go for a greater challenge: 24 obstacles, 15 km to run, in the first days of Summer.


Hear ye, hear ye… Notice: our second Insurance Lab Community workshop took place

In Spring, insurance and digital representatives from France, Spain, Portugal joined Oney Insurance team to participate in brainstorming work groups on digitalisation, and more specifically on the development of a digital customer journey, that would meet the clients’ needs.


Oney Insurance goes into electric bikes, electric scooters and hoverboards

End of March, we launched a new type of product in France: an affinity insurance for electric bikes, electric scooters and hoverboards. It covers the equipment, bought online or in stores, in case of material damage and theft, for one year.


A new affinity insurance in Spain, and for one of the biggest Apple resellers!!

At Oney Insurance, April kicked off with the launch of a new insurance program. It covers material damage, oxidation and theft for iPhones and can be purchased in all K-TUIN stores, one of the largest resellers of Apple devices in Spain.