Workshop Legal & Compliance 2019

Published on 06/08/19

In July, our legal, compliance and sales teams brought together their counterparts from across Europe to debate on opportunities and challenges that are shaping the insurance world of tomorrow!

Amongst the topics discussed during the various workshops were the Impact of the Insurance Distribution Directive on business, E-Commerce, GDPR, Other Legal and Compliance updates.

In addition, the teams exchanged on potential synergies and business opportunities via cross border collaboration focusing in particular on the positioning of Oney Insurance to serve the needs of its markets.

After the workshops, the evening saw our international colleagues take to the heart of Valletta to discover the secrets of the centuries old capital during an animated treasure hunt. The teams scaled the streets of the old city in search of clues and treasures from the past against a vibrant back drop of stone paved steps and grand palazzos.

Big thanks to our teams for their hard work, and many thanks to our colleagues from Oney Group, Oney Portugal, Oney Poland and Oney France for our constructive discussions during their trip to Malta.

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Oney Insurance has been awarded the Equality Mark!

In 2018, Oney Insurance applied for the Equality Mark Certification and are now pleased to announce that our application was approved by the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE). This certification recognises our commitment to gender equality at the workplace and in the services offered.


How did Oney Insurance kick off 2019?

Last week-end, Oney Insurance organised a team event: trekking and an international themed lunch in the Maltese countryside!


Take motor damage insurance, cars and Italy, and you will get Oney Insurance’s new triumph

We are always on the lookout of a new challenge, whether business or sport. And November allowed us to reach a new achievement: a material damage insurance, for cars, available on the Italian market.


Oney Insurance journeys into the world of automotives and two-wheels!

Oney Insurance has just launched a specialty insurance for drivers and motorcyclists: an excess buyback insurance, with Finaxy.


December is the time of giving and caring at Oney Insurance

This month, two charity activities were organised at Oney Insurance: collection of clothes, toys and food for YMCA Malta and spending time with elderly people at Casa Marija


Launch of our proposed menu on Payment Protection Insurance

Convinced that we need to know the needs and expectations of the insureds, we grilled them to find out their visions on Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) for personal loans.


Once again, Oney Insurance takes on the Sprint Grid 2018

For the third edition of the Sprint Grid, 8 Oney Insurance warriors once again faced this gruelling challenge. Over the course of 4 months, the team trained relentlessly to prepare mentally and physically for the assault course, working as one to conquer a host of challenging obstacles.


The real estate market in France in 2017

Do you know that 57.7% of the French population are home owners? Or that 37% of the private rental market dates back to 1975?
If you want to know more about the real estate market in France in 2017, read our infographics.


The Insurance Distribution Directive: Time to implement!

From 1 October 2018, the Insurance Distribution Directive (‘IDD’) 2 will become an everyday reality for insurance and reinsurance distributors across the European Union. Fair competition, greater transparency and consumer protection will become the order of the day… naturally requiring a bit of compliance effort! Let’s prepare for this together in 5 simple steps.


Oney Insurance Trendwatching #1

Let’s meet our contemporaries with Oney Insurance first trendwatching.

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