Oney Insurance has been awarded the Equality Mark!

Published on 01/02/19

During the month of December 2018, Oney Insurance applied for the Equality Mark Certification and are now pleased to announce that our application was approved by the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE). This certification recognises our commitment to gender equality at the workplace and in the services offered.

Since its inception, Oney Insurance was always an equal opportunity employer and it makes sure that opportunities offered to all the employees are based on their skills and capabilities and arenot determined by their sex, marital status, pregnancy or potential pregnancy,or because of caring responsibilities. It provides an inclusive environment promoting equality and diversity, while maintaining a healthy working environment in which the rights and dignity of all the employees are respected.

Relevant policies and practices – concerning gender equality, no discrimination, family-friendly measures and sexual harassment – have been implemented within Oney Insurance and the recognition and promotion of the potential of all employees is irrespective of their gender and caring responsibilities.


From the recruitment stage to our training or promotion process,
or how we design and distribute our insurance programs in the world,
equality is key.

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