At Oney Insurance, you will find 24 employees, 48 flip-flops, a joke every 15 minutes… and some reputation among European market leaders.
Our small size plays a big part in it. It allows us to be flexible, accessible and responsive, and our size therefore allows us to develop ultra-personalized solutions for the B2B insurance market.

Our belonging to Auchan Holding Group is no little matter either.
For many years Oney has been the preferred partner of the Group’s large retailers (Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Alinéa, Norauto, Boulanger…), but also non-partner brands specialized in e-commerce.


Ireland & France

Inception of Oney Insurance, based in Ireland. Service provision in France.


Arrival on the Portuguese market.


Oney Insurance is registered in Malta and obtains a licence issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).


Arrival on the Italian market.


Arrival on the Spanish market.


Arrival on the Polish market.

Key figures


clients in 2017


average age


countries: an international presence




minute exchange a day with team members on cats and dogs


euros of revenues in 2017


km/year covered by our running team




women/men in our team


% turnover growth in the last 2 years


outings per month with colleagues, on average


"Ftiras" eaten by the team per year

The team




As a Key Account Manager, my daily work is a constant balancing act between helping our clients and forging partnerships in Eastern Europe.

My heart is torn between scuba diving and shopping for new pairs of shoes... When I return home, it is a pleasure to find Suunto, my cat, who is always there!
Nuno Silva


Unimaginable solutions discoverer

Key Accounts Manager, going by the motto: Put people first! Partners and customers, let's push our limits and transcend borders, together... Destination: a better world for all!

Beach, hiking, sport and discovering the unknown!
Edwina Leclere


Captain of the ship

As the CEO, I encourage my team to conquer new horizons, while staying at the course.

Less than a 20 km run per week and I border with dissatisfaction.
Antonio Portelli


Happy CFO !

As the CFO, I try to keep everyone happy by managing finances, by disclosing and projecting good results to our team and shareholders, and by paying our suppliers and employees when due.

Every week I run… after playing sports!
Glenda Bartolo


Special operations commander

As an operations manager I am forever multi-tasking. I make sure clients receive compensation, I manage their complaints, I consult with clients on procedures… coffee cup in hand and always on a business trip.

My hobbies: meditation, yoga and the discovery of the spiritual being!
Kay Guttmann


Business Angel

As the sales director, I push our team to go faster and further in order to find fast and agile solutions for our partners. My other challenge: combining exposure with humour.

If you love my dog, you'll be my partner of choice.
Robert Gauci


The grand facilitator

As the IT director, I constantly talk about the decomplification™ of processes and issues, and I ensure that our IT capabilities are as agile as our strategy.

Raised by good beer
Jean Paul Callus

Jean Paul

Virus hunter

In an ever-growing digitised world, internal and external malicious threats are constantly evolving. My goal as the Information Security Officer is to secure our perimeter using the right blend of technology with a constant focus on Awareness.

Having a nice family meal, that's what happiness is about
Kirsty Pace


Optimizer & Optimist

As data and risk analyst, I see risks everywhere. I help monitor them. We receive data in many formats and sizes. My job: make the most of it and forward the information in the most efficient manner.

Going out for dinner and dancing with my friends are the only things that matter.
Elisa Solimini


Complex-language interpreter

As analyst, I work as a bridge between the complex languages of IT and Business, while contributing to the international team's diversity.

The sky's the limit! Better sailing than skydiving.
Matthieu Djibre


Master of programs

As an insurance underwriter and developer, I work with our partners to create specific and personalized programs, and I do my best to meet their needs.

My motto: I have an interest in the new and love being challenged. Challenges give me a boost!
Anais Mathieu


Winged communication

As marketing executive, I am involved in the development of good and tailored products as well as promoting them.

Forever in need of fine wines and cheese… I can't wait for my next package from France!
Brenda Calleja


Excels at accounting

As accountant, my role is to help the CFO for all things related to keeping an eye on finances, reconciling our monies and meeting reporting deadlines.

What a delight it is to know there's a cake in the oven!
Nikola Lalov


His word is law

His word is law, if only it were that simple. In fact, it is necessary to be innovative to allow business to proceed, albeit within the legal framework.

It's always easier to negociate a contract after playing beach volley.
Jeremy Baldacchino


The number whisperer

As the person responsible for actuarial studies, I work the numbers. I make sure they are reasonable. Oh, and I am also in charge of statutory reporting.

I only talk about one thing: sport!
Alison Gauci Zammit


Worries solver

As the claims negotiator working with clients, I ensure that claims are well managed and payments are made. I also address complaints related to claims - keeping an eye on customer satisfaction which we have defined through internal controls.

I love travelling and swimming. Who knows, one day I might do both at the same time!
Claude Brincat


Ghostbuster IT

As a System and IT Operations Officer, I relentlessly chase and exterminate out all technological issues, and sometimes I save the (IT) world.

What makes me happy: sports, food, and riding my motorbike.
Julia Pussiau


People matter!

I find the unimaginable solutions, I simplify the most complex situations, I am an Human Resources Coordinator.

HR Coordinator during the day, super Mom at night. I prepare delicious cakes, inventing imaginary games, etc.
Lassina Ouattara


IT Guru

As an Analyst Programmer, I assist my team in the organisation and development of internal applications, with joy!

A must: I start my day with 200 push-ups, otherwise I can get slightly drowsy or a bit grumpy…
Michaela Buttigieg


Internal shield

We try our best to identify risks and maintain the highest standards. Through internal controls, I help to address possible issues and threats.

In my spare time I like to create jewellery, go on cool hikes and treks!
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  • Jean Paul Callus
  • Kirsty Pace
  • Elisa Solimini
  • Matthieu Djibre
  • Anais Mathieu
  • Brenda Calleja
  • Nikola Lalov
  • Jeremy Baldacchino
  • Alison Gauci Zammit
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  • Lassina Ouattara
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