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Time to discover our Sales and Marketing team

As Oney Insurance Sales and Marketing team, what are your main responsibilities?

The team is split in two distinct area: the sales and the marketing, but we work together to grow Oney insurance portfolio.

The main responsibilities of the sales team are to develop our business and further expand our current portfolio, by working together with our partners to design new products. We are in charge of business development, key account management, pricing/underwriting, but also of customer services and development of contracts.

The main missions of the marketing team are to manage our communication actions and to define and implement the (digital) marketing strategy. We equally assist the sales team when they need our help (market research, brainstorming on new products…)


What do you think are the strengths of your team?

Team spirit/communication: Each member feels a sense of belonging to the team. We offer each other support and are always happy. We share thoughts, ideas and opinions. Communication is essential for us to progress and work efficiently. Communication skills are crucial as we are the point of contact between our stakeholders and internal partners.

Diversity: Our team is diverse. Thanks to that, we all bring different skills making us complementary.

Problem solving: we focus on goals and results, rather than just on amount of work being done. Together, we achieve our objectives, while respecting deadlines. We are all engaged and care about the company’s success. We identify and define problems, analyse them to find causes and possible solutions, consider the possible outcomes, decide on the best solution and implement it.

Positivity: It is essential to inject a bit of fun into working life. We build a positive relationship with our colleagues to work well together, implement a relax environment and avoid lack of productivity.


What Walt Disney character would represent your team?

If we were a Disney character, we would be the Aristocats, because we always land on our paws, we are super friendly and curious by nature.