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Meet the Risk team of Oney Insurance


What does the Risk team do within Oney Insurance?

We are a team of professionals with a multidisciplinary skillset working on quantitative and qualitative risk control initiatives across the company. We are brought together in our drive to provide analytical insights to business and optimise decision making within the organisation. Our mission is to promote a healthy risk culture where risk taking is assessed in light of opportunity and reward, where business grows sustainably and where vulnerabilities are identified and appropriately managed. On a day to day basis we are responsible for anything from capital planning and portfolio analysis to risk profiling, modelling and controlling.


To work in the Risk team, do people need a particular skill or talent?

We believe in the power of diversity to drive potential and that talent is an attitude and not a skill. Our team brings together individuals with actuarial, mathematical, statistical, insurance, ERM and audit backgrounds. As individuals, we share the following traits:

  • We have a natural curiosity for business and a willingness to learn
  • We’d like to think that we are practical with a problem-solving mindset, critical thinkers and professionally sceptical when necessary
  • They say the devil is in the detail and whilst we need to be analytical we also have to consider the bigger picture

We also believe in the virtues that are persistence, persuasion and patience ? which we exercise on a quasi-daily basis!


As a team, what would you bring on a desert island?

Our survival instinct and overactive imagination has led us to conclude on the following wish list in no particular order:

  • Umbrella – from our scouting days, rain or shine, always be prepared! Could double up as a protective or predatory implement!
  • Matches and fire-starters – for warmth, to roast the fish speared or scooped out of the water with our umbrella and to keep malevolent bugs at bay.
  • Alcohol – to clean wounds, to make burning lamps or feed flames. If all else fails, to otherwise drown our sorrows.
  • Mirror – For distance signalling to passing aircrafts and to ensure that we are presentable for our long-awaited homecoming!