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Discover more about our IT team

Can you please introduce us Oney Insurance IT team?

The IT department is made of a young team of very enthusiastic individuals, who on daily basis create and maintain digital solutions. The IT team is set-up in three areas:

  • Infrastructure: it builds and maintains the roads and houses where data moves and is stored.
  • IT Security: it ensures confidentially, integrity and safe-keeping of the data, and
  • Business Solutions: it translates business needs into digital solutions.

The three areas work in harmony to provide added value to the company and its employees.


What aspects of your job do you like most?

  • The continuous learning opportunity in an ever-changing digital world.
  • The level of flexibility that Oney Insurance allows in the various aspects of the day to day job manageability.
  • A communicative environment to learn business needs. The input that IT gives and is taken into account at the top level of the decision-making process and the agility at which the company allows IT to perform our tasks.
  • The satisfaction of dealing with multitask, challenging projects and getting to measurable achievements.


What song would represent your team?

We chose MI (Mission Impossible). The idea is to say that what seems to be impossible we make it happen.