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Get to know more about our Legal and Compliance team

Can you introduce us the main assignments of the Compliance and Legal team?  

Our legal team ensures compliant operations of the company and assists legal development and ongoing business. It is divided into two functions which are quite linked.

First, there is the legal function. Its role is to draft, analyse and negotiate various legal documents, such as Third Party Administration (TPA), brokerage agreements as well as General Terms of Conditions (GTC). These documents comply with relevant laws and internal policies, constantly aiming at protecting the company’s interest.

Then, there is the compliance function. It ensures that the company remains compliant in all its new businesses and projects. Nowadays, compliance is more and more important with various regulations to protect customers…For instance, GDPR’s new regulation is an important matter for the compliance officer since it impacts the whole company: the clients, the partners, the team…


What do you think is the strength of your team?

The most important strength of our department is the communication. Every day, we discuss our positions and opinions to find the best solutions for our partners and the company. In fact, communication is an essential skill as it allows us to keep on developing our businesses and partnerships.

Other strengths are our availability and open-mindedness. The Legal and Compliance department is receptive to new ideas and views. We believe that we can all bring our knowledge to build a stronger firm and achieve our goals.


If you could have a superpower, what would it be?  

To have an encyclopaedia in the head. We would love to have all the legal information in the head to work faster and know everything by heart.