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Have a look at the interview of our Finance team

What can we expect from the finance team at Oney Insurance?

The main role of the finance team is to manage the company’s money. The main functions of the finance department include financial planning, reporting and controls, short term business strategy, cash management and accounting.

Our best qualities are versatility and support. We are always willing to help other departments, with whom we collaborate with on a daily basis.

The team has acquired a lot of expertise and exposure as we have all worked in the insurance industry for many years and we share our knowledge internally to support other functions in their day to day work.


What aspects of your jobs do you like most?

  • Great teamwork – the team is enthusiastic and energetic, always willing to give its utmost on any project being handled and reaching great results.
  • Non-routine work – each person is involved within the various other functions, thus making work vaster and more interesting.
  • Flexibility – we are ready to respond to changing circumstances in our work.
  • Organised – we are very organised with document keeping, keeping track of activities and setting work according to immediate priorities.


What movie would represent your team?

The Incredibles as the movie title says it all.