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the 06/08/20
Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Business Operation


The idea of business models believing that generating greater revenue and offering quality products or services remains the key to the success of the business, is gradually and luckily being phased out.

In recent years, the awareness and concern about the future of our planet have increased drastically, with many consumers opting to go to greener companies and businesses.  This adds pressure on more corporations and businesses to step-up and consider innovative solutions to improve the environmental impacts of their business operations.  The transition towards more sustainable strategies requires better management, creative use of economic resources, and obviously, managing better budgets.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – is a contribution made by companies which involve giving something back to societies, in the form of help and support, be it a financial or an act of charity and support.  Due to the aforementioned awareness, many companies are nowadays opting to contribute towards society, by identifying themselves with a socially and environmentally aware business.  This not only invests and preserves in the future of our planet but it also boosts their brand and reputation.

Building such a reputation takes more than press launches, a couple of photos, and a publication promoting your initiative.  Reputations are built on consistencies, trust, and reliability.   And the only way to obtain such a reputation is by transforming the core of the business into a sustainable one.  Reaching a state where sustainability is not an action to take today, but an action you felt the urge to do yesterday without considering other non-sustainable manners to execute it.

The switch from a non-sustainable to a fully (or partially) sustainable and energy-efficient company will take time, money, and commitment, but all are rewarding once the company benefits not only from a 5-star rated reputation but also from lower energy bills!

At Oney Insurance, a subsidiary of Oney Group, we have taken this commitment to become a fully-fledged sustainable business operation by putting our environmental impact at the heart of our day to day business and the starting point to all future projects and business operations.


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