Celebrating Multiculturalism

We embrace different cultures.  Having employees coming from different countries around the World makes our daily work warm and colourful.

To celebrate this diversity, Oney Insurance will be dedicating one month to each of these different nationalities with the intention to learn, share and experience different cultures, traditions, and the ever so important: cuisines.

Dedicated to our French employees, in January we will be celebrating France as the first country to kick-off this multicultural campaign.

As mentioned – cuisine is extremely important for our bunch of employees, so yesterday at the office; we had the Galette Des Rois, also referred to as The King Cake – made from brioche, with high fat content, and lots of almonds; very plain, very simple, and in the form of a large wheel. Whoever gets the small and hidden, ceramic charm/figurine inside will be the ‘king/queen of the day’. The round shape of the flat cake symbolises the sun. The golden color is like the light and the figurine is wisdom.

There are two origins for this tradition; the first is, the Roman Saturn Week, a 7-day festival during which the children were usually given cakes. The date coincided with the time of the feudal duties, and the cake was therefore given the name “King Cake”. The second origin goes back to the Concordat of 1801, set January 6th as the date for the Feast of Epiphany. The Feast of Epiphany commemorates the visit of the three kings who came to give the baby Jesus the three gifts of myrrh, frankincense, and gold.

Obviously, as the tradition goes, Mark (our Operations Manager), who found the charm, was treated like a king for the day!